Prince William considers King Charles incompetent amid ‘ugly’ jealousy

Prince William reportedly has thoughts regarding King Charles and finds him incompetent

Prince William reportedly finds King Charles to be incompetent, according to sources close to the palace.

Revelations about it all were shared in Omid Scobie’s book Endgame.

In it he quoted as source explaining the dynamic between the father and son.

According to this insider, while Prince William considers his father to be incompetent, the monarch finds his son’s effrontery outrageous.

Regarding this a source close to King Charles was quoted saying, “William, or his staff, I should say, will always be quick to play up his efforts.”

As of this moment, “There is an almost frenzied push for William to be seen as ready for the throne, despite an entire generation coming beforehand.”

Ms Bronte Coy referenced this finding in her piece for and claimed, “Jealousy isn’t a particularly flattering look on anyone.”

Not to mention claims such as these, “On the then-future King of England, and in relation to his two children, it was downright ugly.”


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