Prince William forced to make tough decision about Kate Middleton

Prince William recently spent a night away from his ailing wife

Prince William has been confronted with a choice between his two cherished areas of life, i.e., family and royal work.

The Prince of Wales recently spent days away from wife Kate Middleton and kids for the first time since her cancer diagnosis.

Writing for, royal commentator Daniela Elser reflected on William’s desperation to be there for his ailing wife up against loyalty to the throne.

“How long can William try to simultaneously ‘do the job’ and what is ‘expected of him’ AND hold true to ’family first’?” she wondered.

The royal author went on to explain the future King of Britain might be forced to make some “very hard decisions about his wife and his work”.

“His family needs the Prince of Wales oh-so-badly right now. And Crown Inc. needs William oh-so-badly too. I have no idea how he can truly balance these competing priorities,” she suggested.

It is pertinent to note that beside Kate, William’s father King Charles is also undergoing treatment for cancer, making it harder for the heir to balance responsibilities between the two close loved ones.

Rest assured, the prince continues to keep a brave face in the face of looming adversity, proving himself worthy of the crown in upcoming years.


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