Prince William gives major Kate Middleton cancer update on hospital visit

Prince William gave a major Kate Middleton cancer update on a hospital visit after arriving on the Isles of Scilly for his first official visit since inheriting the Duchy of Cornwall.

Prince William has given a major update on Princess Kate’s cancer saying she is “doing well” while visiting a hospital on the Isles of Scilly.

The Prince of Wales made his first official trip since inheriting the Duchy of Cornwall. The Prince, known locally as the Duke of Cornwall, arrived on St Mary’s by boat, having travelled from Tresco, one of the smaller islands.

The Prince was driven the short distance from the harbour to St. Mary’s Community Hospital, where he met staff and was updated on the plans for a large new extension. The expansion will see a new health and social care facility built on Duchy of Cornwall land and William appeared interested to hear how it was going.

He told several members of staff that he was keen to learn more about what was needed on the islands and how the Duchy could help. “Keep flagging anything else that we can do,” he told them. “I’m hoping to do more down here where you guys want it.”

He later told another group: “We have got to work to do better. I don’t have all the answers but I’m just trying to learn my way around and work out what needs doing.” On arrival, the Prince was met by Tracy Smith, who is in charge of hospital administration.

She said later: “I asked how Princess Kate was and how the children were and said I hoped they would enjoy some time here over the summer. He said he would very much like that to be able to happen.” The Prince and Princess of Wales occasionally bring their three children over to Tresco in the holidays, following a tradition William enjoyed during his own childhood.

As he disembarked The Pegasus, which bore the Duke of Cornwall flag, a small cheer went up from a throng of onlookers on the harbour. The Prince hailed the “glorious” weather before strolling to the On the Quay cafe, where he bought five traditional pasties for £5.50 each. He was served by Joely Dearman, 22, and Zachariah Fox, 28, both seasonal workers from north Devon.


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