Prince William prepares to lead ‘changed’ monarchy with powerful decision

Prince William – who’s been trained to ensure the survival of the royal family – will lead a “changed” monarchy once he becomes King, a royal biographer has claimed.

The Prince of Wales, who’s one step closer to the throne, could break royal tradition with a key decision about his and Kate Middleton’s eldest son Prince George.

King Charles’ eldest son William, will make powerful decision on Prince George’s future after wearing the Crown, according to Angela Levin.

GB News host Eamonn Holmes questioned Levin as to whether people can expect George to grow up and take on a role in the armed forces, with monarchs historically expected to have spent time in the army, navy or air force.

The royal author responded as saying: “This is very interesting because Prince William doesn’t necessarily want George to do that.

“He doesn’t feel it’s necessary. It’s such a stamp on the Royal Family. They’re the head of the army, so what would they do without that?

“I find it very difficult.”

Levin went on claiming that this may not be the only radical change when William takes the throne, adding: “He’s not religious. He does go once or twice a year. But he doesn’t have the same passion that Charles does.”

She predicted about William’s monarchy, saying: “I think it could be a very changed Royal Family.”

An insider recently told Touch Weeklythat Charles, who’s battling cancer, “tends to worry himself” with thoughts about whether William is ready to take his place as King.


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