Prince William receives special mug upgrade from workplace

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nicknames revealed

Prince William made a poignant return to RAF Valley in Wales, where he once served as an RAF search and rescue pilot from 2010 to 2013, now visiting in his role as Royal Honorary Air Commodore.

This marked his inaugural visit under his new title, bestowed upon him by King Charles in August 2023.

During his visit, the Prince of Wales reunited with former colleagues, including his instructor, and shared a moment over tea, served in a personalized mug bearing his official royal title.

The mug, adorned with the XXV Fighter Squadron logo, prominently displayed “HRH Prince of Wales,” acknowledging both his His Royal Highness styling and his role as the Prince of Wales, a traditional title for the heir apparent.

Prince William x Kate Middleton
Prince William x Kate Middleton Photo

This visit symbolized a blend of personal nostalgia and official duty for Prince William, reflecting his enduring connection to the RAF and his evolving role within the royal family under the reign of King Charles, who announced the title transition during his inaugural address in September 2022.

Recently, a fan account on X brought attention to a throwback photo of Prince William from his time stationed at RAF Anglesey in 2013.

In the picture, the Prince was seen preparing a drink in a kitchen, holding a custom mug adorned with Royal Air Force wings.

The mug humorously bore the inscription “Big Willy,” reportedly a nickname affectionately used by Kate Middleton, his wife.

Prince William has been rumored to reciprocate with the nickname “Babykins” for Kate.


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