Prince Williams spotted very furious as huge report goes viral

Prince William’s reaction to England victory in Euro2024 quarter-final goes viral

Prince William, who travelled to Germany to watch Euro2024 quarter-final, was seen roaring in celebration following England’s victory over Switzerland.

The Prince of Wales reaction to Trent Alexander-Arnold’s winning penalty in the shootout went viral as thousands of royal fans shared the picture of the moment.

England are through to the final four at Euro 2024 after beating Switzerland in their quarter-final clash in Dusseldorf.

The Prince and Princess of Wales social media accounts also shared a post to celebrate the victory.

The future King was spotted cheering on England as he sang with the other fans in the stadium as he made his second trip to watch the national team, in Dusseldorf.

William, who’s President of the Football Association, was showing “angst” ahead of kick off, according to a body language expert.

“There were some moments before the game started some of the angst and frustration of the England team’s last few games seemed reflected in William’s facial expression, with some lip-pursing, clenched teeth and a furrow-browed frown,” Judi James told the Mirror.


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