Royal Fans Are Skeptical About Kate Middleton’s Letter

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton Photo

On social media, royal fans reacted to the letter, with some expressing skepticism about its authenticity.

An individual claimed, “Kate Middleton probably didn’t write that letter. Y’all are playing into the propaganda. Sad look.”

Another said, “That letter is fake, and ‘Colonel Catherine’ gives it completely away. So again we ask, where is Kate Middleton???”

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton Photo

One X user wrote, “So you’re running with a letter written on her behalf. Because she still hasn’t been seen, but hey. Look, somebody gave you a letter.”

“A computer-generated letter with a computer-generated signature. Not good enough. Something is up,” another claimed.

The Princess of Wales previously silenced skeptics by releasing a video announcing her cancer diagnosis in March. However, people are getting vocal again about her whereabouts as the Trooping the Colour ceremony draws near.


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