See Latest updated: Travis Kelce’s Ex Kayla Nicole Sparks Debate by Commenting on His Sister-in-Law Kylie Kelce’s Instagram.

Just because Travis Kelce and Kayla Nicole stopped dating doesn’t mean the other relationships she built during their five-year romance cease to exist.




On March 15, the Kansas City Chiefs player’s sister-in-law, Kylie Kelce, shared the devastating news that her and husband Jason Kelce’s beloved dog, Winn, had passed away. “When I was in high school I had a folder on my desktop labeled ‘Gods gift to earth.’ It was images of Irish Wolfhouds [sic] that I had collected from Google,” Kylie wrote alongside a series of photos of Winn, including a sweet shot from her wedding day. “I had fallen in love with the breed when I was a young and never let my fascination with them fade. It all lead me to Winnie and holy shit did she live up to the hype. She was everything I had hoped for in a wolfie and more.”

She continued, “I lost part of my soul today, but I know she is at peace. I love you, Winn. You will always be my first born child.”




Of course Travis Kelce responded to the post with words of comfort and support, writing, “You [gave] Winn an amazing life Ky!!”




However, some fans were surprised to see Kayla Nicole in the comments as well, considering she and Travis Kelce split in May 2022 (according to People, the two began dating in 2017 after the broadcast journalist and influencer slid into the NFL player’s DMs). After seeing Kylie’s post, she replied, “Winnie girl. What a sweet life she lived. ❤





Travis Kelce famously began dating pop star Taylor Swift after shooting his shot on his podcast in July 2023—over a year after his split from Nicole—which is why one commenter suggested Nicole “should’ve dm’ed” his sister-in-law instead. Another fan argued that Nicole could have predicted that her comment would spark a debate, calling the move “straight messy.

Others came to Nicole’s defense, pointing out that her relationship with Kylie (and with Winnie) is nobody’s business but their own. “Just because Trav is with T.Swift doesn’t mean Kayla didn’t know Kylie, people are so immature,” one person wrote.




Of course, some people brought Swift into the discourse, with one user defending Nicole by writing, “You literally don’t know her. Or her intentions. She’s commenting on someones loss. She’s allowed to send condolences. The fact that TS hasn’t…speaks volumes to the type of person she is. And why Kayla is really THAT GIRL ️ kind and considerate.”





Respectfully, everyone should listen to the user who suggested keeping “this foolish nonsense” off Kylie Kelce’s post about grieving the loss of beautiful dog, writing, “Let’s be adults.” In other words, touch grass.


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