Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce reportedly trying to protect their relationship against ‘future problems’ – seeks couples therapy

Taylor Swift has been urging her beau Travis Kelce to seek “couple’s therapy” as “level of pressure” on them as a couple builds up.

According to Heat Magazine, the limelight the popstar has been getting since debuting her romance with the Kansas City Chiefs star has been taking a toll on her mental health.

Just six months into their relationship and a source said the singer is worried her relationship with Travis would soon “crash and burn” under pressure.

“The level of pressure on them as a couple can be incredibly hard to handle,” they said.

“They’re both overwhelmed and that’s got Taylor stressing about their future.”

“She’s had so many relationships that start out great, which then crash and burn. She doesn’t want that to happen with Travis, so she’s thinking that couples’ therapy could be a good idea.

“That way, they can get expert help to protect their relationship against future problems,” the insider added.

At the Super Bowl, Travis made headlines for the wrong reasons Travis despite his team narrowly winning when he was seen shouting at and pushing coach Andy Reid.

This prompted fans to express concerns about his behavior on the field. Many urged Taylor to reconsider her relationship with Travis, citing his aggression as a concerning indicator.

Defending the athlete, the source said, “Travis is actually very emotionally intelligent,” adding, “He’s more than willing to talk about his feelings, and he sees the value in having a professional help them.”

“It’s not something they’re doing as a reaction to having any huge issues in their relationship – they’re still very much in the honeymoon stage – but they’ve agreed that the best thing they can do is get into counselling early, to safeguard their relationship before problems start.”


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