Taylor Swift fans express concerns for the pop star as she struggles through show in Singapore: ‘She needs rest’

Taylor Swift has left fans concerned after appearing to nurse a cold during her first show in Singapore.

The American pop superstar was seen coughing as she performed during the Singapore leg of her Eras Tour at National Stadium.

The clip showed Swift cough and then clear her throat while she was performing her song Delicate.

Fans were quick to chime in in the comments, including American rapper Lil Uzi Vert, who wrote, ‘Hope she’s okay for real’.

‘I was there and so worried about Taylor,’ one Swiftie commented while another said, ‘Oooh no she needs some rest’

‘You can hear a raspy tone in her voice, she also seems more calm and reserved in her movements. The show must go on… a queen,’ said another.

‘I hope she’s okay. Take some rest Taylor as soon as possible. We love you! Stay safe and well,’ someone else wrote.

‘Looks like she’s only got two shows then the whole of April off so hoping she can rest!’ yet another chimed in.

‘I can only imagine how exhausting it must be whilst on tour giving it 100 percent with every performance. She is incredible!’ one more said.

The global superstar, 34, is currently in the middle of her stint at National Stadium in Singapore, which marks her only stop in South-East Asia after it was reported the country is paying the pop star $4.3million per show to perform there exclusively.

‘Singapore paid a hefty amount so that NO other South-East Asian country can have their chances,’ complained a fan on social media.

‘Should boycott Singapore and Taylor,’ wrote another.

‘Typical Singaporean behaviour, they would do anything to get one up on their neighbours,’ complained another.

Swift’s grant from the Singapore Tourism Board to bring her tour to the wealthy nation sparked a row between the neighboring countries.

Thailand’s Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin last month accused Singapore of paying Swift millions per concert to secure her exclusively, something he found out after the deal was cut.

Speaking at the Bangkok iBusiness Forum 2024 Thavisin said ‘The Singaporean government is clever. They told not to hold any other shows in Asia,’.

The Thai PM called Singapore’s move ‘astute,’ adding that he’d long wondered why Swift had not opted to play in Thailand.

The Singaporean shows will likely be a boom to the economy. Swift has sold out six nights at the 55,000-seat National Stadium this month.


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