Taylor Swift fans predict split from Travis Kelce is imminent following his ‘red flag’ worthy outburst at Super Bowl

Taylor Swift’s fans have claimed she is set to split with her boyfriend Travis Kelce following his shock outburst at Sunday night’s Super Bowl.

The Shake It Off hitmaker, 34, watched on avidly as the sportsman, also 34, and his team the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 however Travis hit headlines for all the wrong reasons during an explosive rant.

The football tight end stunned fans during the Super Bowl game when he erupted at his Kansas City coach Andy Reid, 65, before pushing into him after his teammate, Isiah Pacheco, fumbled a pass made by quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

In the wake of the outburst, fans flooded Twitter to pen: ‘Everyone’s thinking it I’m just saying it. Travis Kelce’s angry outburst towards his coach has Taylor Swift fans going nuts. With his apparent anger issues and her long list of ex boyfriends…

‘I’m guessing they will split before the end of summer if not sooner. Am I wrong?… What a disgrace! He has shown his axx today again. This display of immaturity along with the outburst with Andy Reid reveals his obnoxious behavior…

‘Grow up, Travis. Taylor Swift should quickly run away from you. You don’t deserve her… after that last outburst we know Taylor’s next album after her and Travis break up is going to be interesting…

‘Yes! Travis outburst to his “Boss” was unacceptable. Never treat the “Coach” that way! Angry, classless, red flag for Taylor Swift…

‘If you still think Travis Kelce is a good match for Taylor Swift after that outburst of screaming aggression, I feel like you’re underestimating what Taylor Swift deserves. Or what *any* woman deserves.’

The Twitter reaction comes after the star’s friends were left concerned in the wake of the shock sideline meltdown according to insiders, who claim it marked the first ‘red flag’ they had spotted since the couple started dating.

Not only did he erupt at Andy, but also pushed into him after his teammate, Isiah Pacheco. He was pulled away by Jerrod McKinnon in a desperate bid to break up the heated altercation.

Sources told MailOnline: ”Honestly, Travis yelling at coach Reid like that was surprising and a little bit concerning to Taylor’s friends simply because they were not aware that he even had a side to him like that…

The source added: ‘They understand that it’s the biggest game of the year and that there is a lot at stake – but Travis is a pro and should have handled himself with a bit more dignity than to scream at his coach like that.

‘This was his first red flag as far as Taylor’s friends are concerned and even Taylor seemed a bit surprised. Being the professional that she is, she has never flipped out on anyone like that.’


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