Taylor Swift Has heartwarming Reaction to Fans Wearing Travis Kelce’s Jersey at Eras Tour

Taylor Swift made a family of Swifties immeasurably happy when she reacted to the bejeweled Travis Kelce jerseys they wore at her recent Eras Tour concert in Melbourne.

As the 34-year-old international pop superstar was performing her opening set in the Australian city over the weekend, her eye caught the family of four’s custom Chiefs jerseys bedazzled with rhinestones (and maybe even the sweet sign held by the youngest member of the pack, which read: “My very 1st concert”).

While belting out “The Archer,” the 14-time Grammy winner noticed the young boy, his father, and his little sister decked out in their best Swiftie gear. As she continued performing the tune from her 2019 album Lover, Swift smiled and aimed her finger at the group, seemingly sharing approval towards their matching outfits.

The adorable moment was captured and shared online by mom Laura Elizabeth Luther, who appeared elated over the experience she could share with her family.

“The memories made, forever etched in my mind. The emotions felt, when dreams became reality for Jagger. The magic shared, with 96,000 people that Johnny Jones was mesmerised by,” she wrote in the caption of her Feb. 19 Instagram upload. “The awe, the wonder, the endless joy.”

“The moment @taylorswift saw our poster and smiled,” she continued begging the question, “was it our poster or the fact we were reppin’ her man @killatrav ♥️.”

Swift’s Eras Tour has since wrapped up in Melbourne, but plenty of other Aussies are ready to be enchanted by the star as she and Sabrina Carpenter gear up to take on Sydney with four more shows beginning this Friday, Feb. 23. And yes, her NFL star boyfriend will be there.


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