Taylor Swift sings about Travis Kelce romance in ‘So High School’ on ‘Anthology’

Travis Kelce is “So High School.”

Taylor Swift surprised fans by dropping a full, second album titled, “Anthology” including 15 tracks. And there is one that very much seems to be about the Kansas City tight end.

“You know how to ball, I know Aristotle, brand new, full throttle,” Swift sings on track 22. “Touch me while your bros play Grand Theft Auto. It’s true, swear, scouts honor. You knew what you wanted, and, boy, you got her.”

It’s a real-life rom com playing out on a football field. From the 13 games Swift has attended including the Super Bowl to the three countries outside the U.S. that Kelce has seen the Eras Tour: Argentina, Australia and Singapore. The love story has played out in front of millions of spectators.

“Are you gonna marry, kiss or kill me? Kill me. It’s just a game, but really, really, I’m betting on all three for us two,” Swift sings. It’s a nod to a video that resurfaced of Kelce being asked by The Messenger the exact question. He says he would marry Katy Perry and kiss Taylor Swift. (Ariana Grande got the ax.)

The Tortured Poets Department’

If you didn’t get the memo from the department’s Chairman, “Tortured Poets” is Swift’s 11th era album.

Swift announced the project at the Grammys, when she won her 13th career Grammy for pop album of the year. Post Malone and Florence and The Machine are two contributors on the pop album.

Its track titles are brutal. Fans speculated the album was about Swift’s six-year relationship with English actor Joe Alwyn and their breakup. Both stars kept the relationship out of the public eye. The back of the first version of the album reads, “I love you, it’s ruining me,” serving as a dagger-to-the-chest harbinger.

The album was released during Swift’s two-month break from her massively popular and economically fruitful Eras Tour. “Tortured Poets” serves as an exclamation point to the behemoth success the billionaire has seen over the past year since the three-plus-hour show launched in Glendale, Arizona. Swift will return to the stage in Paris, France, on May 9. Fans anticipate that her newest era will be added to the show.


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