Taylor Swift warned off ‘toxic’ Travis Kelce after Super Bowl outburst – Fans predicts imminent split

Taylor Swift’s fans reportedly predict that her and Travis Kelce’ romance will not last much long.

Following the Kansas City Chiefs tight-end’s outburst on his team coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl, Swifties have reportedly advised the Eras Tour hitmaker to part ways with the NFL player.

Expressing concern for Taylor in the wake of Travis’s explosive rant, a large number of fans rushed to social media sites to warn the songstress.

One angry fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter), “Grow up, Travis. Taylor Swift should quickly run away from you. You don’t deserve her… after that last outburst we know Taylor’s next album after her and Travis break up is going to be interesting.”

Another commented with conviction, “Everyone’s thinking it I’m just saying it. Travis Kelce’s angry outburst towards his coach has Taylor Swift fans going nuts. With his apparent anger issues and her long list of ex boyfriends.”

Some netizens even surmised that the couple would split soon because Taylor Swift does not deserve a ‘red flag’ like Travis Kelce, reported Daily Mail.

“I’m guessing they will split before the end of summer if not sooner. Am I wrong?… What a disgrace! He has shown his axx today again. This display of immaturity along with the outburst with Andy Reid reveals his obnoxious behavior.”


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