Taylor Swift was reportedly seeing Kelce long before their relationship went public – Swift would sneak into Chiefs games to see Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift has officially joined the ranks of Chiefs Kingdom, making headlines with her attendance at multiple games during the past season. The Grammy-winning singer, known for her chart-topping hits, has been romantically linked with Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end, Travis Kelce, for several months now, adding a touch of star power to the football scene.

Swift’s presence at Chiefs games became public knowledge after her appearance at the September 24 matchup against the Chicago Bears, a game where the Chiefs emerged victorious with a resounding 41-10 win. However, it’s now revealed that Swift had been quietly attending games even before her widely noticed debut. According to Dave Merritt, a defensive backs coach for the Chiefs, Swift had been discreetly slipping into the stadiums incognito before the cameras caught wind of her presence

In a recent interview on ‘The Sports Show with Reese and K-Mac’, Merritt disclosed Swift’s stealthy entrances into the stadiums, indicating that her attendance predates the attention-grabbing Bears game. It’s suggested that she might have been in the stands as early as the season opener against the Lions, hinting at a series of undercover appearances before her celebrity status was thrust into the spotlight.

Swift confirmed the relationship had started prior

Swift herself has corroborated the timeline of her relationship with Kelce, revealing that their connection predates the public’s awareness. In an interview with TIME magazine last December, Swift admitted to spending significant time with Kelce away from the public eye, allowing them to nurture their relationship discreetly. By the time Swift made her public debut at the Chiefs game, their bond had already solidified into a committed partnership.

With her presence at Chiefs games no longer a secret, Taylor Swift’s affiliation with Chiefs Kingdom is undeniable. As the singer-songwriter continues to support her beau from the stands, her involvement adds an extra layer of intrigue and excitement to the football season, proving that even the world of sports isn’t immune to the allure of celebrity romance.


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