Taylor Swift’s Reaction to Brittany Mahomes Bashing Her in Old Resurfaced Tweets

Brittany Mahomes did something bad. Taylor Swift fans uncovered a series of tweets from 2012 and 2013 in which Patrick Mahomes’ wife, 28, slammed the singer, 34, for “winning everything” and asked when she was going to find something different to write about other than boys.

“Taylor wasn’t happy,” reveals a source. “She’s used to people saying nasty things about her, but this was someone she’s welcomed into her squad.”

According to Life & Style’s source, the NFL WAG was mortified by the resurfaced tweets and quickly deleted them. “Brittany explained to Taylor that she was just a stupid teenager and how sorry she was,” the source says. “Taylor was very understanding and decided to just let bygones be bygones.”

Another reason to shake it off? It wouldn’t help the pop star’s relationship with Travis Kelce if she were to start a war with Brittany. “Travis and Patrick are very tight,” notes the source, “and Taylor’s not going to do anything that would put Travis in an awkward spot.


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