Travis Kelce And Taylor Swift Departs again as Kelce Jets off to attend the MET Gala

Will Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce attend the Met Gala?

According to sources, the couple will not be attending the Met Gala due to Swift’s Eras Tour picking up again after a hiatus that lasted a few months.

The Met Gala is on Monday, May 6, in New York and Swift’s European leg of the Eras Tour does not start until Thursday in Paris, France, on May 9. The event timing does not give Swift enough time for rehearsal and tour prep.

Swift has not attended the Met Gala since 2016 and Kelce has never attended before, so it is not surprising that they will not be attending this year.

A Colorado woman welcomed her three babies into the world in unconventional fashion.

Tiffany Leonard told KUSA she was driving her car last month when she started having contractions. Leonard says she was just a few doors away from her friends house when she went into an early labor.

“This is right where my water broke,” she said.

Leonard made it to her friend’s home and laid down on the porch, banging on the front door. It was 3 a.m. and just 32 degrees outside.

Nothing was stopping her babies from making their debut, 14 weeks early. Burt, Billy Bob and Kikutaro each weighed around 2 pounds.

The first two babies were born on the porch, while first responders were able to take Leonard to the hospital to deliver the third by cesarean section.

“It looked like I could’ve picked up all three of them and just held all three of them in my two hands,” Eric Mayeda, the triplets’ father, told the outlet.

“They’re doing good and they’re striving,” Leonard said. “I’m glad.”

The three babies were taken to the neonatal intensive care unit at the University of Colorado Hospital for treatment. Mom and Dad make the 70-mile trip to see them almost daily.

KUSA reports the triplets are expected to be in the hospital for about four months.


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