Travis Kelce dad Ed hints his son might propose to Taylor swift after the era tour – kelce jets off to meet up with swift in Australia

Travis Kelce’s dad, Ed, hinted that his NFL star son could be considering heading Down Under to reunite with girlfriend Taylor Swift.

The popstar hit the road again almost immediately after watching her tight end beau lift the Lombardi Trophy for a third time at Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, jetting to Australia where she performed three shows in Melbourne last week.

The songstress is continuing her sold-out show in Sydney this week and with the NFL season and Super Bowl celebrations now wound-down, Travis could be considering a trip down to Australia to watch his girlfriend perform.

That’s according to his dad, Ed, who told the Sydney Morning Herald: ‘Well, look, we spoke after the Super Bowl , and I asked him, are you going to take off for Sydney, and he seemed keen.

‘He said he’d really like to see Sydney and Singapore, but he wasn’t sure because he has commitments. He is at a celebrity charity golf outing today, which, I think, is in Las Vegas.’

Travis and Taylor have juggled their schedules to squeeze in time together with the singer attending 13 of his games this NFL season, including making a mad dash back from Tokyo to Vegas to make it to the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, Travis took advantage of the Chiefs bye week in November to play the role of doting boyfriend and watch Taylor perform to thousands of adoring fans in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

However, while America’s favorite couple appear to be managing their schedules well so far, Ed admitted he did have his concerns about the future for the two highly-successful lovebirds.

‘I won’t pretend that I don’t worry about it, he is my son, and I worry about him because they will have some challenges in their relationship for sure,’ Ed said. ‘But they seem a good fit, and ultimately, they just need to find their way together.’

With the Super Bowl now out of the way, Travis should have a relatively open diary throughout the NFL offseason until training camp with the Chiefs starts up in September.

Meanwhile, after her stint in Sydney, Swift has six shows in Singapore before she has two months off.

Touring then restarts on May 9 in Paris and Swift will be on the road until mid-August, by which point Kelce will have returned to practice with the Chiefs for the new NFL season, which begins in early September.

But Swift’s tour dates could see Kelce visit iconic sporting stadiums in Europe that she will be playing – such as Wembley, the home of England’s national soccer team, and Anfield, the home of Liverpool, the Premier League team that share owners with the Boston Red Sox.

The Chiefs star could use his time in Britain to plan some adventures of his own, as well.

Recently, on the New Heights podcast that he co-hosts with his brother Jason, Travis suggested that they do live shows in Britain after learning they both have the top selling NFL jerseys there.

‘We gotta get over there dude,’ the Chiefs tight end said. ‘I feel like if this is what’s going on in the UK, we gotta get a live show over there dude.’

Jason replied: ‘You ain’t gotta talk me into that, I’d be very down for that.’

It was also reported in late December that Kelce had made plans to visit Italian vineyards and top restaurants across Europe for when Swift is between tour dates

Kelce was among the Chiefs stars who went ahead with a ‘scaled down’ celebration just hours after a mass shooting saw the team’s Super Bowl parade descend into tragedy . However, other teammates stayed away from the party.

He did eventually match Taylor’s donations to the GoFundMe page for the family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, who was killed by the gunfire.

He made a pair of $50,000 donations from his charity, the Eighty-Seven & Running Foundation.


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