Travis Kelce has shown that Taylor Swift can’t distract him on the golf course

Former NBA player Chandler Parsons took to Instagram on Thursday 28 March to show the two of them on the golf course as the Kansas City Chiefs tight end dressed in all white while dancing to his girlfriend’s song Bad Blood.

In the video, Kelce was in the middle of taking his swing while the song played in the background. The shot appeared to go well, as a person could be heard shouting in the background: “Oh no, this backfired!”

He did it,” another person shouted as Swift’s song continued to play.

Kelce then began to dance on the course while someone else said: “Oh, he likes it.” To celebrate his swing, Kelce grabbed his golf club like an air guitar and started singing the song.

Parsons wrote across his Instagram Story: “@killatrav cannot be rattled.”

The amusing post comes after the football player joked about his weight during the off-season.

In a recent episode of the Kansas City Chiefs player’s podcast with his older brother Jason Kelce, New Heights, the duo welcomed special guest Philadelphia Eagles running back Saquon Barkley. During the conversation, the brothers argued over who could drink more.

When Barkley asked the brothers who would win a drinking contest between them, Jason claimed: “I can definitely drink more volume, I don’t even think that’s a question.”

In response, Travis replied: “Whaaaaaat? You’re already down to 260.”

After Jason told him he actually weighs 283 pounds, the Chiefs tight end laughed: “We’re in the same weight class now. It’s March! We’re in the same weight class right now.”

Even the father of three, who announced his retirement from the NFL earlier this month, agreed that Travis has “been drinking more” than he has in recent weeks.


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