Travis Kelce Is Surprisingly Secretive About His Taylor Swift Romance With His Chiefs Teammates

Even thought it might seem like every conversation about the Kansas City Chiefs inevitably morphs into one about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift‘s romance, it wasn’t always that way — especially in the Chief’s locker room. The Super Bowl champions GM, Brett Veach, recently opened up about what it what like in the Chief’s locker room when Kelce and Swift first started their love story.

“I mean she comes to the games and she’s up there [in a suite], and typically families come down [to the locker room area] to see the players. Travis goes up to see her, so I’ve seen her in passing,” Veach explained on John Middlekauff’s 3 and Out podcast, per Us Weekly.

This insight, which might read as false to anyone who has been bombarded with photos of Swift at Chiefs’ games, offers a glimpse into the actual inner workings of their relationship; While Swift has very publicly supported Kelce, they still chose to keep their interactions private during the beginning of their relationship, even in the emotionally charged atmosphere of NFL games.

“The only time that we realize it is when we’re looking at our phones during the TV timeout and CBS is zooming in on Taylor, you’re reminded that they’re together. But Travis is a straight pro and the guys treat him like that,” Veach explained.

“[Kelce] doesn’t talk about it, players don’t talk about it. You’d think you’d hear the songs at practice and all the guys getting on him, this and that. But there’s such a high amount of respect for each other in this locker room,” Vedach noted, underscoring a camaraderie and mutual respect between Kelce and his teammates.

Still, that doesn’t mean Swift and Kelce are going to keep a firewall between their professional and private worlds for long. Swift has quickly become close with other NFL wives, and the two painted the town red at a post-Super Bowl party with Kelce’s teammates in February. “It’s been a wild ride. And, you know, listen, maybe Travis will bring her around every now and then,” Veach said, suggesting that in the future there could be a more open interaction between Swift and the team.

As the Kelce-Swift love saga keeps the world buzzing with excitement, it’s evident that in the Chiefs’ locker room, the game plan still focuses on mutual respect, crushing it on the field, and maybe seeing one of their teammate’s girlfriends on the jumbotron once in a while.


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