Travis Kelce Makes Unexpected Statement About Watching ‘Love Is Blind’

Travis Kelce isn’t afraid to admit that he enjoys the occasional reality TV binge.

The Kansas City Chiefs player recently outed himself as a super fan of Netflix’s hit series, Love Is Blind, and he even tried to get brother Jason Kelce to join in on the fun.

“Jason,” Travis implored his older brother during the latest episode of their New Heights podcast. “You gotta watch Love Is Blind, man.”

The 34-year-old tight end even compared the popular show to his own reality dating series, Catching Kelce, which aired on E! in 2016.

“It’s worse than Catching Kelce, but it’s so f—king good,” Travis added, even though Jason, 36, wasn’t feeling it.

“I’m not watching,” the retired NFL pro bluntly replied back, calling Love Is Blind and other shows of its kind “trash.”

“Oh my God, Jason, please,” Travis further pressed Jason, sadly to no avail.

“No, I’m not watching that trash,” the former Eagles center maintained. “I’m not encouraging Netflix or any of these other subscription channels to make any more of this nonsense bulls—t.”

“Honestly, I just want you to watch the one girl and hear her,” Travis went on, referring to Chelsea Blackwell, who has been one of the most notable contestants on the latest season.

Travis even tried to do an impersonation of Chelsea, and her frequent use of the word “clingy”—but still, Jason didn’t bite.

But even though the Catching Kelce alum is unashamed to admit his obsession with Love Is Blind, his own reality TV career is believed to be over, as his team previously said in a New York Times profile that Travis’ reality television stint was a “one and done” experience.

But that doesn’t mean he’s swearing off TV altogether, and in light of recent reports, Travis could even be your next TV game show host.


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