Travis Kelce reveals Taylor Swift’s favorite restaurants and food

In March 2024, Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes made headlines by announcing the grand opening of their latest venture, 1587 Prime, a brand-new Kansas City restaurant.

The establishment promises to offer a distinctive dining experience as a “unique modern American steakhouse,” drawing on Kelce’s ample familiarity with Kansas City’s culinary landscape to deliver something truly exceptional.

Kelce’s penchant for exploring the city’s culinary scene is well-documented, having been a fixture at various hotspots since his draft into the Kansas City Chiefs in 2013. From intimate evenings with girlfriend Taylor Swift to lively outings with friends, Kelce has curated a list of favorite dining destinations in Kansas City.

Kelce and Swift’s relationship was confirmed in September 2023 when the singer flew to Kansas City to support her partner during a game against the Chicago Bears. Following the victory, the couple celebrated at Prime Social, a chic rooftop bar downtown, accompanied by teammates and their partners. The venue, known for its trendy atmosphere and diverse menu offerings, provided the perfect backdrop for the celebratory occasion.

In the subsequent month, Kelce and Swift enjoyed a romantic dinner at Piropos, an Argentine steakhouse, following another victorious game against the Los Angeles Chargers. Despite the late hour, the restaurant graciously extended its hours to accommodate the couple, showcasing their commitment to exceptional service and hospitality.

Another favorite haunt of Kelce’s is The Golden Ox, where he marked his 34th birthday in October 2023. The classic steakhouse, renowned as the oldest of its kind in Kansas City, provided Kelce and his friends with an intimate setting to celebrate. Known for its premium cuts of meat and indulgent sides, The Golden Ox offered Kelce a memorable dining experience fitting for the occasion.

What about BBQ and sandwiches?

Kelce’s culinary adventures in Kansas City extend beyond steakhouses, as evidenced by his fondness for Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que. Despite his superstar status, Kelce is content to wait in line like any other patron, relishing the authentic barbecue experience offered by this iconic establishment.

Rye, an upscale urban farmhouse restaurant, holds a special place in Kelce’s heart, as he once recommended it to Swift for a girls’ night out. Known for its crispy fried chicken and decadent cinnamon rolls, Rye embodies the essence of Midwestern comfort food, a sentiment Kelce enthusiastically echoes.

In January 2024, Swift indulged in some Midwestern delights at Rye with her new Kansas City circle, including BFF Brittany Mahomes, attesting to the enduring appeal of this beloved eatery.

Kelce’s culinary escapades in Kansas City reflect not only his appreciation for exceptional cuisine but also his down-to-earth demeanor, endearing him to both fans and restaurant staff alike.


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