Why Harry is a no-show at the Duke of Westminster’s ‘society wedding of the year’… but William will play a star role:

Prince Harry
Prince Harry Photo

Prince Harry has agreed to stay away from the wedding of one of his closest friends for fear of his feud with his brother William overshadowing the event, it is claimed.

A phone call from Hugh Grosvenor, the 7th Duke of Westminster, saw the Duke of Sussex invited to his nuptials with fiancée Olivia Henson at Chester Cathedral on Friday.

The event is set to be the high society wedding of the year, and there had been much speculation as to which of Harry and William would receive an invitation given the brothers’ ongoing estrangement.

However, it has been claimed that Harry will not be there after the California-based royal reached a ‘civilised understanding’ with Hugh to bow out of attending, The Times reports.

It means that the Prince of Wales is free to be an usher for Hugh, who has been friends with the pair since childhood, avoiding the potentially awkward situation of having to show Harry to his seat during the ceremony.


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