Why Prince Harry asked Meghan Markle to “give up her ego” and apologise to Royals

Prince Harry x Meghan Markle
Prince Harry x Meghan Markle Photo

Prince Harry asks Meghan Markle to give up her ego for his sake, claims source

Prince Harry has made a shocking move by asking his wife Meghan Markle to apologise to the members of the Royal family, especially King Charles and Kate Middleton.

According to a latest report, the Duke of Sussex believes only Meghan can end their ongoing rift with the Royal family by reaching out to the monarch and the Princess of Wales.

A source has revealed that Harry has asked Meghan to call Charles and Kate in hopes that they will listen to her and will eventually end the feud.

As for Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, the source told Heat Magazine that she is willing to extent the olive branch for the sake of her ‘beloved’ husband and their children.

“Meghan wants Harry’s family to know that she’s not looking to stir up any trouble,” the tipster further stated. “The time for pettiness is long gone at this point.”

“That doesn’t mean this will be easy for her, but she prides herself on her diplomacy skills and being able to do hard things. Ultimately, she loves Harry and wants to see him happy again.

“He misses his family terribly and Meghan has agreed to do her level best to help him and set things right.”


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