Why Prince Harry tried to contact Kate Middleton again amid her cancer treatment?

prince harry and kate middleton
prince harry and kate middleton Photo

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry once shared a close bond

Princess of Wales Kate Middleton’s friend has reacted to the claims the future queen has been in contact with Prince Harry during her cancer treatment.

Speaking to the Daily Beast, a friend of the future queen dismissed rumours that Harry, who once shared a close bond with his sister-in-law, has been in contact with her.

The insider claimed, “Meeting with Harry is the last thing that William or Catherine want or need right now.

“It’s a fantasy. It’s not about apologies or who said what, it is about protecting his family. Kate is recovering from cancer, and they are avoiding stressful situations.”

The royal source went on to claim, William and Kate have grown weary of how the family feud has dominated headlines in recent years and, consequently, they are avoiding engaging with Harry or Meghan Markle.

Kate’s friend made these claims after reports she and Harry have been keeping in contact as she goes through preventative chemotherapy.

Kate Middleton announced her cancer diagnosis in March and is currently undergoing treatment.


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