Adidas May Be Looking to offer Patrick Mahomes New Deal As Mahomes’ old Adidas ad goes viral

Adidas May Be Looking to offer Patrick Mahomes New Deal As Mahomes' old Adidas ad goes viral


An eight-month-old Adidas commercial featuring Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes went viral on Sunday when NFL Network played it during the team’s game against the Miami Dolphins in Germany. Hours later, his personal trainer got him in trouble, but for an entirely different reason.

The purpose of the ad is seemingly to promote the German company’s slogan: “Impossible is Nothing.” They show multiple babies failing at several mundane activities before Mahomes appears on a television

Mahomes, 28, is used as an example of how everyone is born with an abundance of potential.

“You’re born the original impossible,” says the ad’s narrator. “You spend the rest of your life proving nothing is.”

Patrick Mahomes’ personal trainer hates the Bengals

Mahomes’ personal trainer Bobby Stroupe got the quarterback in trouble with a now-deleted tweet saying he hates the entire Cincinnati Bengals organization and always roots against them, even versus the Buffalo Bills.

“I cheer against the Bengals every week,” Stroupe tweeted. “I don’t want kids to think that running your mouth and being disrespectful / bad winners is football. I hate the whole organization. So, yeah. Go Bills.”


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