More Reasons Why Brittany Mahomes Did Not attend Chiefs game in Germany? Patrick Mahomes’ wife steps out for girls night with Taylor Swift

More Reasons Why Brittany Mahomes Did Not attend Chiefs game in Germany? Patrick Mahomes' wife steps out for girls night with Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes seem to be enjoying each other’s company as the 2023 NFL season continues. Spending time together in New York, Brittany stepped out for a star-studded night out with Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Sophie Turner on Saturday night.

Taking some time out for other friends on Friday and Sunday, Brittany labeled the whole weekend as a ‘girls’ weekend’ for her. With the Kansas City Chiefs vs Miami Dolphins Sunday game being held in Germany, Brittany Mahomes seems to have stayed back this time.

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce arrived in Germany on Friday, November 3, prepping and practicing before the game began. Of course, it would be early morning EST in the USA.

As Mahomes and the Chiefs faced the Dolphins in Week 9, Swift and Brittany seemed to their Saturday with their new group of friends. Gigi Hadid was also a part of the group in New York City.

Wearing a blue jumpsuit and white coat, Brittany smiled at the cameras as the paparazzi snapped photos of everyone leaving the venue. Taylor, dressed in an outfit similar to Rachel Green from FRIENDS, really tuned in to the fall vibe.

To make the moment even more perfect, Swift and Brittany were holding hands as they made their way out.

Mahomes, dressed in a $695 Hugo Boss suit, turned heads as he stepped up his gameday fit in Germany.
Brittany Mahomes’ girls’ weekend stretched out over days

Along with Taylor Swift, Brittany Mahomes also seemed to step out in Kansas City with her other friends on Friday.

Sharing multiple photos of them having some fun, Brittany, along with Paige Buechele and Lyndsay Bell, made a whole weekend out of the Chiefs being in Germany.

After enjoying their time at Moulin Rouge in KC, the group headed to NYC for their fun weekend

Furthermore, Brittany seemed to have the perfect day out for brunch and afternoon tea, even visiting The Plaza in New York.
Brittany Mahomes is excited about her developing friendship with Taylor Swift

As per a recent Us Weekly report, the fitness trainer and mother of two is ‘thrilled’ about her new friendship with Swift. The two, with their special handshake and moments at Chiefs games, seem to have hit it off immediately.

“Brittany is thrilled to be building a genuine friendship with Taylor. They’ve hung out a couple of times and have grown fairly close in a short period of time.”

With Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs getting the better of the Dolphins in Germany, it’s been a great weekend for the family.


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