Brittany Mahomes faces backlash from NFL fans over new post

NFL fans were not pleased with Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, ahead of Super Bowl 58. She posted on her Instagram story flying on a private plane, and fans were quick to criticize her for flaunting her privilege.

Some fans expressed their frustration, with one saying: “No one wants to track you. Omg. The fact she covered her plane number.” Another fan commented: “She is so goddamn obnoxious. I hate her.” It’s clear that Brittany’s post did not sit well with many NFL fans.

However, some people speculated that Brittany might be intentionally provoking her critics. One fan suggested, “I think she’s poking a stick at her haters. They expect her to be obnoxious, and that’s what gets her the most attention. Negative is better than none!” This perspective suggests that Brittany may be using controversy to her advantage, although it’s also noted that it would be more positive if she focused on doing good deeds.

Brittany Mahomes has been a target of criticism from fans for some time now, and this recent incident only added fuel to the fire. However, the negative attention hasn’t stopped her from sharing personal details about her relationship with Patrick.

In a recent interview, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes revealed how their relationship began. Patrick admitted, “She was the grade above me, I was kind of the best friend, in the friend zone forever.” He even shared a humorous anecdote about giving Brittany a rose as a joke, not realizing that she would actually find it endearing.

Brittany explained that it was her friends who encouraged her to give Patrick a chance during high school. She recalled, “He thought it was a joke. I thought it was the cutest thing in the world.” Their relationship took a turn when their friends started chanting “Kiss him” at their lunch table, making things awkward as they were still just friends. This ultimately led to them starting to date.

Their high school romance continued through college, and they eventually tied the knot in 2022. The couple now has two children, a daughter and a son.


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