Patrick Mahomes Addresses Dad’s Arrest As Disturbing Details Emerge

Patrick Mahomes Sr. was behind the wheel with an open 16-ounce beer and struggled in multiple sobriety tests during his arrest for suspected drunk driving, according to a police affidavit obtained by the New York Post on Monday.

The elder Mahomes, whose son seeks his third Super Bowl title as quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, has now become one of the game’s off-the-field storylines, albeit an unwelcome one.

The younger Mahomes briefly addressed the situation on Monday, saying his father was “doing good” and offering little else.” “It’s a family matter, so I’ll keep it to the family. That’s all I have to say,” he told reporters.

Patrick Mahomes Sr. showed signs of intoxication in tests for eye-tracking, walking in a straight line and turning, and standing on one leg when he was stopped in Tyler, Texas, on Saturday, the Post wrote of the report filed by the Smith County Sheriff’s Office.

“I believed Patrick was impaired to a perceptible degree while operating a motor vehicle in a public place,” the arresting officer wrote.

Mahomes Sr., who’s out on $10,000 bail for at least his third DWI arrest, told officers he had a few beers while watching sports at a local bar, cops said. He was sentenced to 40 days in jail for a previous DWI in 2019, AP reported.

The former New York Mets and Minnesota Twins pitcher could face up to 10 years in state prison for the third-degree felony charge if convicted.

In 2020 the dad’s emotional on-field hug with the quarterback after his first Super Bowl title went viral.


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