CAN’T STAY AWAY Meghan Markle ‘interfered when late Queen was ill & she’ll do it again with Kate Middleton’s cancer fight’, expert says……

MEGHAN Markle “interfered” when the Queen was ill – and she will do it again to Princess Kate, a royal expert has claimed.







Angela Levin has claimed the duchess ‘interfered when the Duke of Edinburgh and Queen weren’t well’









And the pair put on a loved-up display in front of Netflix cameras at a polo match in Palm Beach, Miami on Friday.





But several royal experts have claimed Meghan is the one in charge.






It comes as they believe the duchess, 42, ultimately has the final say on whether Harry will reunite with his estranged brother Prince William.






Royal biographer Angela Levin told The Sun Online: “Meghan has pulled the strings of Harry ever since they met.






The thing is she has said several times that she can’t stand the Royal Family, she can’t stand the UK, she’s been unbelievably unkind and rude.






“No gratitude whatsoever, sneered that £32 million was paid on her wedding because she really wanted one that was more straightforward and not so messy.”





The expert added Harry has become a “laughing stock” in the States, and been dragged “down the ditch” with Meghan.





“And that’s one reason why she’s not progressing with her, doing all the sort of cookery and all that stuff,” added Mrs Levin.








“She said she doesn’t want to interfere while Catherine and the King are not well, but she’s interfered when the Duke of Edinburgh wasn’t well, when the Queen wasn’t well, so I don’t believe that.”

Just days before her Majesty died, Meghan said in an interview it would take “a lot of effort to forgive” The Firm for what happened to her and Harry.






She told The Cut on August 29, 2022: “I think forgiveness is really important. It takes a lot more energy to not forgive.






“But it takes a lot of effort to forgive. I’ve really made an active effort, especially knowing that I can say anything.”

Meghan’s comments were branded a “thinly veiled threat” by The Sunday Times’ Royal editor, Roya Nikkhah.

The Queen died ten days later on September 8.




The royal biographer also discussed Meghan’s chances of success with her new Netflix series, asking: “Are there many people who want to be like Meghan? That’s a very good question.”






On Harry’s US visa drama, Mrs Levin said: “Meghan’s got an an itch to do something political because she’s failing in so many different areas, you know, acting, producing.






“Now the food thing, being a guru of home life, it’s sort of things that never come through.”








If the couple were forced to relocate to the UK, Mrs Levin claimed she wouldn’t put it past the duchess to weasel her way into politics – despite not being wanted.

“But this is Meghan,” she said.

“When she went to the Royal Family, she was immediately trying to tell them what to do, how to run it, how to make it more up to date.






“But she gave no time for her to really understand it.”











Harry and Meghan previously filmed and released the Oprah interview in March 2021, weeks before Prince Philip died in June that year.









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