Taylor Swift’s so out of his league”: Claudia Oshry reveals why everyone is ‘obsessed’ with Travis Kelce’s new relationship

She belongs with him.

Claudia Oshry believes Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are meant to be — despite the pop superstar being too much of a mastermind for the NFL player.








“She’s so out of his league, especially, like, in an intellectual sense,” the Girl With No Job creator tells Page Six exclusively in our new video studio while celebrating the sixth anniversary of her and her sister Jackie Oshry’s podcast, “The Toast.”







he and her sister Jackie Oshry agree that the couple’s differences make their relationship work.Annie Wermiel/NY Post

“And I think that’s why so many people love it,” she adds of the couple’s nearly year-long relationship.






Claudia, 29, notes that Swift, 34, is a “poet” and the “mind of a generation,” whereas Kelce, also 34, is “silly and goofy.”











“It’s kind of an unlikely pairing,” she says. “It just makes sense. We’re obsessed.”










ackie, 31, agrees that the romance works so well because of the high-profile pair’s differing personalities and talents.







“I think they’re in separate leagues, which is what makes it so great, because I’m sure some fans of his would be like, ‘He’s so much greater than her.’ And then fans of hers are like, you know, ‘There’s no matching her,’” she tells us.








The Readheads Book Club founder thinks the 14-time Grammy winner and the three-time Super Bowl champion are the best in their respective industries.












“They can relate on that level of, like, being the greatest,” she says.



I feel like she’s at a point in her life where she should just be able to have fun and enjoy the fruits of her labor and be able to, like, just go out to a restaurant with her boyfriend and not, like, worry, ‘What does he think about this?’ Like, he’s not thinking about this! He likes the meal!” she says.


With a laugh, Claudia adds of the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, “He’s not thinking.”






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