“I should be ashamed of myself as a woman”: Paige Spiranac calls out fan for her comments on controversial ‘booty cleavage’ picture

It is well known that Paige Spiranac’s activity on social networks has given the fame that she never had as a player. However, she is not exempt from controversy, as the one rose after her latest post on Instagram.

The post in question, uploaded this Friday, November 10, contains two pictures of Spiranac holding a pin on the green. The former player is wearing a tight blouse and short skirt, which she described as a “booty cleavage” style.

Paige Spiranac later shared the pictures on Twitter, saying she had caused “outrage” on Instagram. At the request of one of her fans, Spiranac cited the opinion of a woman who commented that she should “be ashamed” of herself as a woman.”

“A woman said my bare a** is out for the world to see and I need to leave something to the imagination. Then proceeded to say I should be ashamed of myself as a woman,” Spiranac wrote.

Spiranac is known for creating social media content related to golf. In most of her posts, she wears outfits in the same style as the one featured in the Instagram post that sparked this controversy.
What has Paige Spiranac been doing on social media lately?

Paige Spiranac is a social media celebrity with more than 3.9 million followers on Instagram, more than 940,000 followers on X (formerly Twitter) and more than 362,000 followers on YouTube. For this reason, she is known as “the most famous golfer in the world.”

Over the past few weeks, Spiranac has dedicated herself to maintaining the usual content generation for all of her platforms. On YouTube, she posted an attempt at a hole-in-one with 25 balls and another giving tips on bunker shots.

Spiranac hasn’t been very active on Instagram in recent weeks. Before her post from this Friday, her most recent posts were related to tips for various game actions. The same trend has continued on X.

A week ago, Spiranac appeared in a video on the Bob Does Sports YouTube channel. The video showed the player teaming up with the channel’s host to take on Fat Perez and Garrett Clark in a round of golf.


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