Paige Spiranac deciphers the “hardest shot” in golf in new stunning curvy outfit

Paige Spiranac deciphers the hardest shot in golf in new stunning curvy outfit

Paige Spiranac is back with yet another gorgeous golf tutorial. After an overwhelming number of requests online, ‘Instagram’s original golf girl’ decided to comply with fans desires and teach them how to best perform bunker shots.

“This week, I’m going through all the hardest, scariest bunker shots and how to hit them!” was Paige’s description on YouTube.

The video included ten minutes of some excelent golf advice on one of the trickiest shots to perform on the course. Fans were extremely grateful for the advice and took to the comments to express their thanks.

“Fit, athletic, intelligent, amazing, beautiful and awesome golfer. Love this channel and Paige!” said one user. “Never miss a Paige video. Stunningly beautiful and excellent golf tips. Great combination.” “You are a fantastic teacher. I know nothing about golf, but I understand what you are explaining,” wrote another golf enthusiast.

As was to be expected, Paige’s outfit also drew plenty of attention. The social media sensation was wearing some figure-hugging golf pants and top, which highlighted her spectacular curvy body.

Just last week, to the bewilderment of fans, Paige explained that her breasts are getting bigger. “They’ve actually gotten a lot bigger, and so I can see a lot of people being confused by like when I first started this,” Spiranac said during an Instagram live stream. “I’ve always had, like, a chest, but not like this. And it’s because I’ve gained weight and I’ve talked about all those reasons.


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