King Charles faces backlash after ties with Kevin Spacey exposed

King Charle
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King Charles’ reportedly reached out to disgraced actor Kevin Spacey amid his sex scandal

King Charles sparked fury for his alleged ties with embattled actor Kevin Spacey.

The House of Cardsalum made an appearance Piers Morgan’s Uncensored show, where he divulged his association with the 75-year-old monarch following a slew of sex scandals.

When asked whether the King reached out to Spacey after his recent scandals blew up, the actor replied: “No, I haven’t heard from him directly, no.”

Upon pressing further, the disgraced actor admitted to have received a message of support from the Britain’s head of state through other people.

“That may be true,” he claimed, adding: “I heard a message, yes, and I’m very, very grateful for that.”

However, Kevin refused to delve into details of his conversation, noting: “I don’t want to drag him into all this.”

For the unversed, the actor was tried over accusations of misconduct and harrasment by multiple survivors, however, he was acquitted of all charges during a trial last year.

Royal watchers expressed their disappointment over the implication of the King’s association with Spacey.

“it’s very disturbing! connect the dots….,” one exclaimed.

“This is disgusting. How am I not shocked by this?” wondered another.

Meanwhile, many drew parallels between the King and his brother Prince Andrew for his notorius links to late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.


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