Prince William deals with major emotional turmoil amid weighty duties

Prince William
Prince William Photo

Prince William has ‘a lot’ on his plate as he deals with royal duties and health crisis

Prince William, who had been preparing for his role as the heir to the throne his entire life, did not expect the burden of responsibilities to come so soon.

The Prince of Wales is currently having to step in for King Charles, as he undergoes his cancer treatment. Meanwhile, he is also dealing with his cancer-stricken wife Kate Middleton and taking some of her workload as well.

“Maybe he wasn’t emotionally prepared for it,” royal historian Gareth Russell told Us Weekly.

“[Charles] — yes, is elderly — but his father was famously quite healthy and lives well, eats well, and according to his wife, Queen Camilla, just never stops walking.”

The historian highlighted that there is “a lot” on William’s plate and his presence at the D-Day remembrance was crucial.

Russell explained that the magnitude of the event called for the senior most royal to attend, which was the King himself. However, since his health did not allow him the travel, William had to take over the “huge commemoration” and “all eyes are on him.”

He noted that as the heir to the throne, he is “certainly prepared” to do the job and William has proven himself to be “more than competent and capable.”

However, with the “emotional significance of D-Day” to many people in Britain and in America, it was important that someone “prepared and capable to fulfil the ceremonial role” was there.


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