Prince Harry growing desperate to meet Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle seems to have joined Prince Harry in his desperation to get some updates on Kate Middleton

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly growing more and more desperate to reach out to Kate Middleton, and even attempted to reach out before the Trooping of the Colour, in order to try and mend fences.

Insight into the desires in Montecito and the UK have been brought to light by a well placed inside source.

This source in question weighed in on things during one of their conversations with Closer magazine.

During this chat the insider in question explained what the relationships are like behind the scenes.

Reportedly, “Both Harry and Meghan have been following Kate’s recovery with huge interest, but sadly it’s had to be more from afar because their lines of communication with the palace and the Waleses, in particular, are very limited, to say the least.”

“They have had enough information to know that people are excited about the idea of a comeback for Kate and they’re both relieved and happy to hear that she’s on the mend and may soon be well enough to return to her duties.”

“They’ve jointly reached out to send well wishes, but they’re still not really in a place with Kate to warrant much of a response.”

this “hasn’t stopped them from trying to connect.”

“When Kate gets back into action, their hope is that it might take some of the heat off them and possibly trigger a truce with her and William, and with the King, to0o,”

As of right now “Meghan’s desperate to come across as the bigger person and end this feud between them — appearing like some sort of royal savior could only do her image good.”

“And, despite all their bad blood, her heart does go out to Kate — she can only imagine how hard this situation must be for her,” the insider added before signing off.


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