SKIMS partnership – Jackson Mahomes joins loving fans to shows big support for Patrick and Brittany Mahomes

SKIMS partnership - Jackson Mahomes joins loving fans to shows big support for Patrick and Brittany Mahomes

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are making headlines as they star in a new holiday campaign for SKIMS, the popular sleepwear brand owned by Kim Kardashian. The couple, along with their adorable children Sterling and Bronze, are debuting SKIMS’ holiday sleepwear line for the entire family.

Brittany took to Instagram to share the exciting news, and their family member, Jackson Mahomes, couldn’t contain his excitement. He commented on the photos, saying, “This is the BEST partnership yet!!!”

It seems that Jackson isn’t the only one who is a fan of the new SKIMS sleepwear line. The official SKIMS website experienced technical errors due to overwhelming demand once the sleepwear became available for purchase. However, after resolving the issues, the sleepwear quickly sold out.

While the Mahomes family is receiving overwhelming support for their collaboration with SKIMS, there is one person who seems to have an issue with it. Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, expressed his disapproval of Brittany Mahomes’ endorsement of SKIMS. Portnoy believes that Brittany shouldn’t have worked with Kim Kardashian due to her past feud with Taylor Swift.

He took to social media to express his frustration, saying, “Brittany Mahomes is trash!!! Way to stab Taylor right in the back after she welcomed you into her world.” Portnoy feels that Brittany’s endorsement is a betrayal to Taylor Swift and their newfound friendship.

n other news, Jackson Mahomes recently attended Patrick and Brittany’s third annual charity gala for their foundation, “15 and the Mahomies.” The gala, held in Texas, was a huge success, with over $600,000 being donated to organizations that benefit and improve the lives of children. Both Patrick and Brittany have been passionate about this cause, which led them to establish the foundation in 2019.

The Mahomes family continues to make waves both in the world of sports and beyond. With their successful collaboration with SKIMS and their philanthropic efforts through their foundation, they are proving to be a force to be reckoned with. Despite some criticism from individuals like Dave Portnoy, it is clear that the Mahomes family is dedicated to making a positive impact in both their personal and professional lives.


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