Taylor Swift Allegedly Wants To Freeze Her Eggs As She Plans For Kids, Marriage With Travis Kelce

Both Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce appear to be at all-time highs in their careers. While the Chiefs player just took home his third Super Bowl trophy (with Taylor in the stands), she’s continuing on her Eras tour and planning to release her 11th studio album in a few months.

While Taylor and Travis have a lot going on career-wise, they’re reportedly still thinking about the future and their relationship, with one report claiming the couple have marriage and children on their minds.

It’s previously been speculated that Taylor, 34, may be considering freezing her eggs so she can help protect her ability to have children in the future. And with her career more successful and busier than ever, that may be a realistic option Taylor is considering, if she doesn’t feel like having babies with Travis is the right thing to do in the immediate future.

“Taylor’s got marriage and kids on the brain,” one source told Life and Style. “One of Travis’ biggest attractions is that he’s so family-oriented. She’s 34 and the clock is ticking.”

The insider didn’t share Taylor’s timeline for having a family, but if the comments ring true, it may be sooner than later. As many celebrities do, especially when starting a family in their mid to late 30s, Taylor may turn to reproductive assistance.

Luckily, both of their families seem supportive of their whirlwind romance. “Their families would love to see them get engaged,” the source went on. “They, too, have been caught up in the excitement of this romance.”
Taylor will be traveling the globe this year for her continuing Eras tour, and it’s been reported Travis plans to join for much of it, including the Australia and Europe legs. But the source says that Taylor is still worried about how the distance will impact their relationship, especially in terms of it progressing.

It’s been speculated for years that Taylor had an interest in egg freezing. In 2016, one report claimed she was looking into the procedure, despite the advice of her friends.

“After a string of failed relationships, Taylor’s told friends she’s looking into freezing her eggs,” a source at the time said, though the singer’s friends allegedly “told her to chill out” and that “she has plenty of time to have children naturally,” though the report said Taylor remained adamant about wanting to go through it.

“By freezing her eggs, she feels like she can relax about finding the right man, and stop jumping from relationship to relationship,” they went on.

To this day, the “Bad Blood” singer has never commented on the speculation about her opinion on egg freezing. Taylor and Travis have also not responded to rumors they want to get married.


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