PETA Slams Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce After Their Australian Zoo Date

What likely seemed like an innocent date idea for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce has turned into controversy after PETA released a statement slamming the couple’s choice of hang-out after they were spotted at an Australian zoo.

After Travis flew Down Under to join Taylor on the current leg of her Eras tour, the couple were seen spending time at a local zoo. Photographs show the couple engaging with the animals, particularly a small kangaroo.

While many fans found their outing to be cute, PETA, the animal welfare organization, didn’t share the sentiment. Rather, they issued a statement explaining why it would’ve been more responsible for Taylor and Travis to visit a sanctuary, which is known to have better conditions for animals than zoos.

“While we understand all too well the appeal of seeing Australia’s wildlife, PETA hopes that next time Taylor and Travis want to see wild animals, they’ll spend their time and money at a true sanctuary,” Debbie Metzler, the Director of Captive Animal Welfare at the PETA Foundation, told the media.
Metzler emphasized that one big difference between sanctuaries and zoos is the former makes visitors keep a reasonable distance from animals, which she argues is better for the creatures as well as safer for everyone involved.

However, that’s not the only controversy the couple has stirred recently. Earlier this month, Travis shocked Swifties with his candid revelations about his college days on the New Heights podcast he hosts with his older brother, Jason Kelce. The brothers attended the same university.

“It was exactly what we needed because we were a bunch of filthy animals,” Travis recalled, describing a garbage can in the center of the home that kept filling with trash. “It was a filthy, but f—king fun house, man. Endless memories.”
Jason added, “The amount of parties and fun we had. I mean it doesn’t get that much better than the times we were in that household, for sure.”

The brothers went on to describe how wild their college parties would get, including some of Jason’s most outrageous moments, including am angry punch that left a hole in their wall. They also recalled another time when a sink was forcibly detached from its fixtures during Jason’s freshman year.

Travis admitted their antics led to extensive repairs, with their teammate Evan Davis stepping up as the household handyman. He apparently had to patch up walls and undertake extensive renovations, including on the floors, doors, and windows, in order to restore order to their residence before their eventual departure.

Travis then reminisced about a particular instance where his older brother assumed the role of team mixologist, treating their college team to whiskey refreshments. Recalling the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Travis described how Jason ingeniously repurposed a water bottle, filling it to the brim with Jameson, and indulged during spring practice, all while managing to transition to a successful NFL career.


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