Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce try to avoid paparazzi but still get spotted at low-key date night immediately after Coachella after party

Given the nature of their jobs, it’s generally tough for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce to spend a lot of quality time together. And when they do step out for dinners and such, they are swarmed by paparazzi

On Tuesday, the two tried to be low-key while heading to a dinner date at Bird Street Club in Los Angeles. They managed to avoid photos for the most part, until a photographer snapped some pics of the inside of the car that drove them both home.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift enjoying time together in LA

According to a source with Us Weekly, the couple has been trying to relax as of late while residing in the city. The two have more spare time than usual, as Kelce is resting during the offseason and Swift is gearing up for a European tour that starts in May.

Swift and Kelce have been enjoying the time together, especially away from the pressures of their careers. That will soon change once Swift goes on tour and the NFL season restarts.

For now, they will try to avoid paparazzi as much as possible and enjoy life together.


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