Taylor Swift borrows Brittany Mahomes’ coat to attend the Chiefs-Packers game driving fans crazy

Taylor Swift borrows Brittany Mahomes' coat to attend the Chiefs-Packers game driving fans crazy

If anyone doubted that Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes are best friends, they should think twice. It’s no longer just that they support the same team, nor that they have had multiple girls’ nights out, but now they lend each other clothes. Isn’t that what best friends do, after all?

Sunday Night’s game saw Swift’s long-awaited return to NFL stadiums. The pop star and girlfriend of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was present at Lambeau Field dressed in an all-black outfit, including knee-high boots and a distinctive cherry red coat.

Nothing out of the ordinary for “Tay Tay,” but eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice a strange coincidence: The coat was identical to the one Brittany Mahomes wore a year ago at another Chiefs game.

In November 2022, when she was pregnant with her youngest child, Bronze, the wife of quarterback Patrick Mahomes walked the sidelines wearing an almost identical look, including the unmistakable cherry red coat.

Social media are full of praise

The singer’s fans were ecstatic about the apparent loan. One of the most eloquent comments was: “i’m sobbing taylor’s wearing brittany’s coat.”

There was also no shortage of those who threw out their own theories: “I think probably Taylor doesn’t have all her clothes with her, and finding this shade of red coat may not be easy!”

Not everyone agreed on the loan hypothesis, but they were no less excited: “Brittany’s would be way too short for Taylor. Look at the Brittany’s coat length and look at Taylor’s. Right lengths for both. They just have the same coat!!!”

“Guys idk about taylor borrowing that coat from brittany, it’s Stella McCartney. taylor could’ve also had it in her possession for YEARS,” one more explained.

The coincidences beyond the coat

Whether it was the same coat Taylor borrowed from Brittany’s closet or she has her own, fans can’t stop finding similarities between the two celebrities.

Someone who looked closely at the images of the game found out that Brittany borrowed one of Taylor’s signature looks, tiny braids on her forehead, reinforcing the idea that they are now BFF’s.

The result of the game is the least important, but if you were wondering: the Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 27-19in a controversial match.


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