Who is Lindsay Bell? Things you don’t know about The third blonde alongside Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes cheering on the Chiefs

Who is Lindsay Bell? Things you don't know about The third blonde alongside Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes cheering on the Chiefs

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes aren’t the only pair snuggling up to Kansas City Chiefs stars as Lindsay Bell moves into their cohort but who exactly is she?

Bell, aged 33, is married to Blake Bell, the team’s tight end, after they got married in 2021 and like the other two is also a blonde who likes to sport red. She was photographed, actually, wearing an identical coat to Swift and a seemingly similar set of layers under the coat at Lambeau Field on November 3.

The pair have been together since college and finally got engaged in 2020 during COVID-19 and earlier this year celebrated their second anniversary, with their marriage producing one daughter.

Bell is has played as a tight end in the NFL since being drafted in 2015 and he has been associated with the Kansas City Chiefs after joining them for a second time in 2021, making him a two-time Super Bowl champion after his first stint in 2019,

He also played for teams like the San Francisco 49ers, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Dallas Cowboys. Bell is known for his positional versatility and as a utility-man, and has contributed in various roles on the field.

Bell’s transition from quarterback to tight end after joining the 49ers showcased his athleticism and adaptability. He’s been valued not only for his receiving abilities but also for his blocking skills, which are crucial for a tight end in both passing and running plays

In addition to his role on the field, Blake Bell has been praised for his work ethic and team-oriented attitude.

He is also the son of the former NFL player, Mark Bell, who operated as a defensive end and his uncle, Mike, also played in the same position with the latter turning out for the Chiefs between 1979-1991.


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