Why was Taylor Swift’s Grammys Outfit Actually an Easter Egg for “The Albatross?”

Remember the Grammys? Me neither due to basically blacking out after Miley Cyrus’ iconic performance. How-ev-er!!! You may recall Taylor Swift casually announcing The Tortured Poets Department onstage during her acceptance speech.

Actually, between winning Album of the Year and announcing her newest project, the awards show was a pretty major night for Taylor—and one she knew she’d be photographed at a bunch…which brings us to her outfit:

Fans initially thought Taylor’s Schiaparelli dress and watch necklace hinted she was about to announce Reputation (Taylor’s Version), but a new theory just hit the internet: that Taylor was actually teasing her Tortured Poets bonus track “The Albatross.”

I mean….

Taylor announced “The Albatross” edition of Tortured Poets during her first Sydney show, saying, “Direct your attention to the main screen. This is an alternate cover for The Tortured Poets Department. And so this edition is called The Albatross because there is an exclusive bonus song on this vinyl called ‘The Albatross’ and I can’t wait for you to hear it.”

And fans pretty much immediately decided the song was about Tay’s ex Joe Alwyn due to an “albatross” being defined by Merriam-Webster as “something that causes persistent deep concern or anxiety” and “something that greatly hinders accomplishment.”

On top of that, there’s a myth that an albatross can fly for six years without touching land, which…happens to be the length of Taylor and Joe’s relationship:


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