“He’s Going to Be the Next Patrick Mahomes”: Shedeur Showered With Heaps of Praise but Deion Sanders’ Past Concerns Raise Longevity Questions

Boulders had an eventful season with the entry of Deion Sanders. Although the team’s performance was commendable with back-to-back wins at the beginning of the season, towards the end, the confidence of the players started to falter. Despite the 5 losses this season, the Buffs have successfully made themselves a reputed brand, thanks to the kingpin Coach Prime. Deion Sanders’ prime effect is not only reflected in the NIL deals, but also in the on-field performance of the Buffs players.

Even the analysts agree with this, crediting Coach Prime with forging some of the best players around the nation, especially the star QB Sheduer Sanders. The Colorado QB has been one exceptional player, displaying a tough performance in each game despite odd circumstances. For instance, during their last game against the Beavers, Sanders had to get an injection mid-game to continue playing. Skip Bayless too, believes Sheduer Sanders is the unparalleled QB of college football this season.

Buffs QB Sheduer Sanders struggles with longevity

Sheduer’s performance has impressed many this season. Umar Johnson, a psychologist and a sports analyst at the core, praised Sheduer Sanders with all his heart. Giving a nod of appraisal to the insane skill set he uses on the field, Johnson, just like many other analysts, believes that Sanders will secure a fairly good spot in the 2024 NFL draft pick. Not only this, the guy, with his dexterity in the game, will become a star QB in no time. “Sheduer Sanders, he’s special. He’s going to be the next Patrick Mahomes, if not better. He is going to make history in the NFL,” stated Umar Johnson confidently.

However, Johnson was concerned about his longevity in the game, given his body mass in comparison with other QBs. Additionally, Johnson understands Coach Prime’s concerns regarding the same. “As a father, he’s hurting, and he’s concerned about his son because the blocking in that last game, it was horrific,” said Johnson.


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